UPDATE: BitTerrorists Hold Lil Wayne Hostage: ‘We will leak Rebirth at 9’


Mine was delivered yesterday by the post office, and is, indeed, a copy of Rebirth.


According to sources and an e-mail to Billboard from an Amazon customer, the online merchant sent copies of the album to some customers who pre-ordered “Rebirth.” The album began arriving in mailboxes on Monday, Dec. 14, despite a change in the street date from Dec. 21 to February 1.

The release date change – the sixth time “Rebirth” was pushed to a new date – was made last month by Universal Motown, the distributing label for Cash Money, and its distributor Universal Music Group Distribution. Universal Motown and UMGD recalled the album, but roughly one million units were manufactured and about one-third were shipped to accounts when the decision was made to pull “Rebirth” from the schedule, sources say.

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