Apparently pop and R&B legend Lionel Richie has spent most of his 40-plus year career working in the wrong genre. Earlier this year, Richie released his first country album Tuskeegee, consisting of his previous hits re-imagined as country songs, each done with a high-profile Nashville guest. The album is the second highest-selling record of 2012 so far, behind only Adele, and Richie’s best selling record since the advent of SoundsScan in 1991. Now, it’s also netted an American Music Award nomination. Via Vintage Vinyl News:

As always, the AMA‘s salute the biggest selling artists in a variety of genres and, usually, the fans pick the flavor of the moment at the time of voting. That’s why it is very rare for a veteran artist to make the cut.

This year, Lionel Richie, actually made the cut, in the country category, for his smash album Tuskeegee.

Is anyone else having a hard time digesting this?

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