Sun Sentinal:

Barbra Streisand’s name was bandied about. The Rolling Stones came up on a positive context.

But Live Nation Artists officials are still speaking only in general terms about what acts they’ll go for. Except to say that there will be absolutely no jazz.

“We’re doing everything we can to eliminate jazz from American culture, so, no jazz!’’ Mike Luba of Live Nation Artists told commissioners, eliciting a few “boos’’ from the audience.


A promoter seeking city approval to bring a musical festival to Fort Lauderdale beach said Wednesday he was only joking when he said Live Nation Artists wanted to do away with jazz.

But Mike Luba’s offhand remark to city commissioners set off jazz enthusiasts, who rallied to defend a treasured American art form.

Luba said he was flooded with e-mails from people who read the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s report Wednesday about a proposed annual weekend concert festival that would start next spring. Jazz lovers were offended by Luba’s joke that, “We’re doing everything we can to eliminate jazz from American culture.”

Luba said he loves jazz and plans to include jazz music in the festivities.

“Our company does thousands of jazz shows a year,” he said, “and jazz is the foundation of everything we do.”

Luba said he made the comment “totally in the moment, to break the tension,” and that “it was 100 percent a joke.”

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