A 22 year-old man was busted for trying to steal a Miley Cyrus-inspired sex doll from a Spencer’s Gifts in South Carolina. We actually kind of feel for him. Via The Smoking Gun:

As he departed the store, Greene was confronted by the Spencer’s employee, who told investigators that the blow-up doll fell out of Greene’s jacket, according to a Spartanburg Public Safety report.

Distributed by Pipedream Products, the “Mylie” doll was released after the pop singer turned 18 in November 2010. While the doll itself bears no resemblance to the celebrity, the item’s packaging includes a photo of a Cyrus lookalike holding a guitar (and includes copy with risqué references to the performer and her father Billy Ray).

The damn thing only cost $20. He should have just bought it and said it was a gag Christmas gift. Then he could have gone home and humped inflatable Miley to his heart’s content.

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