There are two news items here:

1) Marilyn Manson is still touring.

2) He collapsed while playing a show last night in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. (That would be the part of Canada directly above North Dakota.)

The collapse took place during the set-closing “Beautiful People.” The band initially kept playing, thinking it was just stage theatrics, then stopped when they realized Manson had legitimately passed out. Via Digital Spy:

Sources close to the metal singer later told TMZ that he was just suffering from the flu.

Manson is said to have been feeling rough all day yesterday, but didn’t want to cancel the gig.

However, as soon as he took to the stage, he reportedly began feeling worse. He was then seen vomiting on stage several times before collapsing.

Manson is reported to still be feeling “drained,” but still plans to play his next show tomorrow night in Calgary.

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