Hey, at least he tried. MTV News:

Marilyn Manson can get down with pretty much anything — Lewis Carroll, “Eastbound & Down,” corsets, all manner of debauched darkness — but he apparently draws the line when it comes to Lady Gaga’s music.

In a new interview with U.K. website Digital Spy, Manson was asked about Gaga’s stage show and the influence his two-decade career seems to have had on it. And though he admitted he “appreciates” Gaga — who, it should be noted, is a fan and has even featured Manson on a remix of her hit “Love Game” — he’s not about to add her to his Spotify playlist anytime soon. Though, surprisingly, he will jam some Kylie if the situation demands it.

“I like the general idea of what she’s about. I have a hard time liking her music; it’s just not the style of music I like,” Manson said. “And I like a lot of music that is in that vein; I like Kylie Minogue sometimes… I like Justin Timberlake over Lady Gaga, just musically.”

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