Guess the Crash Test Dummies/Better Than Ezra/Fastball/The Rembrandts/Three Doors Down were busy?

Our heads are still spinning at news (via Brooklyn Vegan) that the Mark McGrath and Friends Cruise exists.

The ship will leave port from Miami, Florida on October 18th and make its way to Nassau, entertaining dozens of people with the dulcet compositions of Smash Mouth, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray (natch), Cracker, Spin Doctors, The Verve Pipe, Marcy Playground and more.

For anyone who wants to re-live their 1996 heyday and the tepid pop-rock that soundtracked it, this is the perfect way for you to spend $650-1,800 and rub shoulders with (admittedly diminished) giants…

We just can’t wait to read the piece about it from Vice or the New York Times or BuzzFeed or The Guardian... wherever, we’ll read it all, rapt. [Ed: We’re available, too.]

From the cruise’s website, a disingenuous answer in their FAQ:

Will I get seasick?

Chances are you will not. However, if you tend towards motion sickness, you can purchase something over the counter or see your Doctor before you go.

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