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About me and Kurt (what you don’t know)


He looked absolutely shocked..I had never really said HOW MUCH I liked his band (didnt want to come off as a dork or get in trouble for pre-owning Nevermind)...so, it must have been wierd for him…a dude from Aberdeen, not very well known (especially in the chick department) and here comes me with my Daniel Johnston/kooky bike/love of Teenage Fanclub /Vaselines,, AND KNOWING the Nirvana LP inside out, before it was out!!!!...Ok, so if ANYONE is reading, are you getting this?.>???This was a fuckload more than a fictional BLOWJOB (No, sadly I didnt go there, (but now regret)...that Courtney MADE UP!!

Ok, so I barely pay attention to Wikipedia and most things related to myself. Can’t stand it. Never could. Don’t have the time, blah, blah….BUT tonight, I gave a good look at my Wiki page, and I DON‘T LIKE IT!!..I have no patience for learning much internet negotiating, and I don’t know how to EDIT the page!!..

...One of the only mentions I made (and Kurt was alive at the time), was that the song “some jingle jangle morning” was in fact written about him. Big deal. Small local paper, the writer was a friend, and it was true. Courtney love went into a rage. I have no doubt in my mind that she made him (they faxed a lot back then) fax a letter to the paper claiming that all I said was untrue…Ah Courtney, how you doin’ now sister? WHO THE FUCK exactly believes ANYTHING she says ANYWAY??...Yes, I sit here nearly 18 years later and YES there are things I am pissed-the-fuck off about!..The things she said were FALSE and certainly DID NOT come out of Kurt’s mouth…for one thing (and yes, it’s somewhere embedded in Wiki), as beautiful as I thought Kurt was, the “infamous” episode that “supposedly happened in the back of a van” NEVER even occurred!! !!..My “thing” with him wasn’t based on a “sexual” escapade between band guy/groupie type thing. That’s fucking gross, and I wouldnt stand a guy that was like that (there’s PLENTY of dip shit bimbos out there, and many of them WAY hotter than me to boot!!.We ALL know (those who really knew him) that he wasnt like that either…He would have been MORTIFIED, afraid of, AND sickened by chicks like that…

Anyway, I went to the [Melvins] show..it was Sept 22 1991…The Show was great…Dave was there…bunch of people I knew were there….As I was leaving the club (and the show was pretty much over and some people were leaving), There were 3 guys trying to get in…the door guy was being a prick “what’s your name again (to the guys) , I dont see it on the list”....“Nirvana” the little one said. “nope, not on list” said prick…..I stop in my tracks (I was almost out the door)...“hey”, you should let them in” I said in a sort of shocked that he wouldnt let them in kinda way…“who the fuck are you” says prick (to me)...I decieded to go back down stairs in the hopes that they might make it in, and of course to tell Dave that the “Nirvana” band were here and trying to get in….Before going back down into the Rat I just remember shaking my head and saying to the prick door guy” you really should let them in”....

About 10 or so minutes later, they came down stairs…(I told someone to tell Buzz, and he sorted it out)...There were probably 15 or so people left, finishing thier drinks, hangin out with the Melvins, merch, etc…Then after a few minutes, the little guy with the blonde hair came up and said, “Hey, thanks for helping us get in”...“ah shit, I said, the show’s been over for a while, and that guy (the prick) was being a prick”..( I knew the blonde guy was in Nirvana (cause they said “Nirvana” to the prick, but I didnt know which one he was..still had never seen thier picture…he could have been a roadie for all I knew)..So, this is the point where I actually met him…

”“um, what are you guys doing here” I asked…he said that they were doing a show at Metro>(not sure where it was) the next night, and they had just gotten in and wanted to see the Melvins. “Ah…ok…I really like your band”...“you know us” “yea…a little (I lied…I had owned Nevermind casette for months but couldnt get Dave in trouble so didnt say so)..Yea, “where are you from”...oh, Olympia huh, Capital right? “yea”..Oh..THEN, all of a sudden, someone came by me and says “Hey MaryLou, heard you playing in the Subway, it was great”...Kurt says…“You play music? ...in a subway???” “um yea”.....whooa…what kind of stuff do you do> ..Um, folk songs..By the way, I know youre in Nirvana , but which guy are you? “Oh, I’m the Singer and play guitar”...(right around here is when I started to shit myself)...ONLY because I loved them sooo much ( no one else could have given a shit yet, really, Nevemind wasnt even out yet!)...So, he then says, “what kind of folk songs”..ah, you might not know it (for some reason I thought ONLY me and a few others liked what I liked (and that is actually true)...so I spout off…“Daniel Johnston, Teenage Fanclub, The Bats, the Clean, The Vaselines, etc…” The look on his face was PRICELESS…“Have you heard any of these bands”? I ask…’‘Do you want to go upstairs and talk ”” he says…... We went upstairs and had one of the most insanely intense comversations about life, music, life, music, and life and music that I’[ve EVER had in my life. There was this insanely instant connection and as 2 approached, I asked where he was staying “the howard JOhnson’s”( was right down the street)...I asked if he wanted a ride.

“sure”...ok….we leave the bar, and I start unlocking a very old bicycle with a great rack (on the back)...he see’s it says “I thought you said you were gonna give me a ”....“I know” I said…“you sit on the back”...So, there it was…I was on my 1966 columbia peddling Kurt Cobain around Boston….We got back to the hotel after a little ride around Boston, and sat on the big wall in front until about 9 in the morning…just shooting the shit, and knowing that we each had met someone special…

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