Maura Johnston, the mostly beloved former Music Editor at the Village Voice and Idolator (blast from the past alert), is doing what Andrew Sullivan and The Dish recently proved could be done (sort of — Johnston’s gambit is an app-based concern, while The Dish is going full-on media entity) — striking out on her own as a media brand, and charging people for the privilege.

Johnston is employing the same company (29th Street Publishing) that The Awl hired to put together their Weekend Companion app, which we’ve been enjoying quite a lot (when we remember to check the folder where we buried iOS’ insanely annoying Newsstand app).

The Columbia Journalism Review interviewed Johnston for the occasion

After Maura Johnston was let go from the Village Voice in September, she decided that, after six years as a full-time writer, it was time to “prove myself on a grand scale.” On Thursday, she’ll do just that with the debut of her eponymous Maura Magazine, a weekly subscription publication for iOS devices. For $0.99 weekly, $2.99 monthly, or $29.99 annually, readers will get about five cultural stories every week automatically delivered to their iPhones and iPads.

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