Author and musician Chris Ruen spoke to Vol. 1 about the thoughs behind his new book Freeloading, which is about exactly what you think it is. It goes a little something like…

I think it’s a form of cultural – even Human – self-destruction for us to use the digital revolution as an opportunity to dispense with the rights of creators (copyright). Copyright terms need to be radically reduced, but it’s important to look around at the books, films, albums, etc. that have meant something to you, and recognize that most, if not all, of those works benefited from the legal protections of copyright – and we benefit incalculably as a result. But it does mean that you have to place some check on your own selfishness. I doubt that multitudes of teenagers or college students will respond to that argument, though some have and some will. My own feeling is that those 25 and older, who may have had to start working for a living and recognize the importance of being compensated for your work, are more likely to adjust their consumption habits toward respecting creators’ rights – whether that means paying for albums and songs or licensed streaming – and could manifest that parallel.

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