In further proof that no one is immune from the implosion of the publishing industry, Rolling Stone has laid off two high profile staff members this month. Executive editor Eric Bates and Mark Neschis, who was director of corporate communication for parent company Wenner Media and had previously worked in the Clinton administration, were both let go recently. Via New York Times:

But Mr. Bates looked back at his tenure at the magazine fondly. He helped edit Rolling Stone’s article on Gen. Stanley McChrystal and was involved with visiting the White House with the company’s founder, Jann Wenner, to interview President Obama.

“I’m going to be rooting for them and looking forward to whatever is next for me,” said Mr. Bates. “We were really modeling the way journalism can be done, even in a time of cutbacks and showing that there’s a real hunger for long-form journalism.”

Melissa Bruno, a spokeswoman for Wenner Media, declined to comment on the departures. But a December report issued by the rating agency Standard & Poor’s noted that Wenner Media had been assigned a negative rating when it tried to refinance a loan for the company.

It’s a heartless world out there, kids.

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