Apparently doing a deal with the “other” Ultra wasn’t enough for Ultra Records’ Patrick Moxey. He went ahead and enlisted Sony’s new CEO Doug Morris to bankroll a major label outlet for the newest craze, electronic dance music (as opposed to analog dance music?). As President of Electronic Music, Moxey will be in charge of raving, PLUR and most likely the “molly” closet… But seriously, he probably already had that all on lock, so this more likely gives him the authority to sign those big neon checks.

Under the agreement, Patrick Moxey, President of Ultra Music, is named President, Electronic Music, Sony Music Entertainment. In this newly created global role, he reports directly to Doug Morris, CEO, Sony Music Entertainment. Sony Music will distribute releases from Ultra’s recorded music division in North America via RED in the U.S. and Sony Music Canada, while outside North America, Sony Music International and Ultra will share resources to promote and market Ultra’s artists worldwide. In addition, Ultra Music will help promote and market Sony Music artists in the U.S. and Canada on a project-by-project basis.

Ultra Music has a global alliance with the Ultra Music Festival, with festivals slated for 2013 in the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Korea, and Croatia.

Read more about Mr. Moxey here. Get that Roland synth ready, spark up the lava lamp and get your Soundcloud rockin. No doubt, you’ll come up with the next Trap-Dubstep-Trance anthem.

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