Writer/editors David Greenwald and Daniel Siegal want to foster deep musical thoughts. To do that, they’re launching Uncool, an online publication dedicated to ad-free, long-form music journalism from people like Jeff Weiss (who we love), Amos Barshad, and more. To fund the project, they asked their moms. Just kidding, they’ve got a Kickstarter. It’s a promising project, worth your monthly dollar. The best part? WRITERS GET PAID. FAIRLY. Seriously:

We want to try something different. UNCOOL is a new online publication inspired by everything from Longform.org and One Week // One Band to Joan Didion and Lester Bangs. We’ll be running exclusively longform writing—in-depth profiles of fascinating musicians, thoughtful criticism, archaeological discography expeditions, personal essays and much, much more. They’ll all have one thing in common: length. Feature stories will be a minimum of 3,000 words—and some might crack 10,000.

UNCOOL is being edited and run by founders David Greenwald (Billboard, GQ, Rawkblog) and Daniel Siegal (Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times).

The more we raise, the more we can pay the writers and the more great work we can run. Extra funds will also go toward the editor stipend to help grow UNCOOL into a broader, sustainable publication.

In semi-related news, today The Daily Dot took a look at the 15 projects on Kickstarter that have raised over $1 million. Shoot for the stars, Uncool!

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