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“All I can tell you is that I love Courtney to bits. She’s a nutbag and I really do care about her. She’s like a long-lost sister to me.

“We have not been in touch too much. We’ve been in touch this year after ten years of no contact, I will say that. This new record, she was (maybe still is; it seems a little vague) working with Michael Beinhorn who made Celebrity Skin [Hole’s 1998 album].”

“Not only do I feel a soul-sister connection with Courtney, but in particular, Michael Beinhorn and I had an incredible working relationship on Celebrity Skin. And he called me and asked me if I would sing on [Courtney’s] new solo record—which is what I understood it was. And I said ‘Yes’ because I enjoy working with him and do….Well, she and I have a history of making music together and I’m happy to visit her again in the future.

“I think you can’t take a Hole reunion thing that lightly. It’s gonna take a little more organizing than just ‘I’ll come and sing some backups and then we got Hole.’

“I don’t know what to say about [the situation]. I’m a little confused as to what the plan with that is. All I can tell you is that I like singing ooos, ahs, and la-la-las behind her voice.”

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