Metal legends and monster douche-nozzles Metallica have announced that they are starting their own as-of-yet unnamed record label. The first release will be a live concert Blu-ray/DVD called Quebec Magnetic, which was shot in Quebec during their Death Magnetic tour. VIa Metal Sucks:

Metallica have announce via their official website that they’ve started their own label, the inaugural release of which will be Quebec Magnetic, a live DVD/Blu-ray for which the band apparently took all of three seconds to brainstorm a name. (Meanwhile, the cover art, above, seems to be based on one of Dave Mustaine’s nocturnal emissions.) The announcement statement says that “There are still some “‘i’s’ being dotted and ‘t’s’ crossed, so we can’t give you a name or fancy logo just yet,” but given the creativity of the DVD’s title, I’m guessing it’s going to be called THE RECORD LABEL METALLICA OWNS or something clever like that.

(Fun Fact: The Quebecois have a weird, undying love of metal from the ‘80s. It’s basically the only place in North America where Metallica are still relevant.)

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