As part of her ongoing effort to be as bizarre as humanly possible, M.I.A. has started a “steal log” on Tumblr to document all the ways in which people are ripping her off. Her first target? The Grammys. Via PItchfork:

MIA VS THE SYSTEM” she writes, with an image comparing her lazer-box stage backdrop from a January show in Australia to the one Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Sting, and Damian and Ziggy Marley played in front of during the Bob Marley tribute at this year’s award show.

“My ideas came from my life,” she writes. “My set was based on Tamil Hindu temple. Not Bob Marley.” She added, “If u wanna see the real thing or get it first, come to a M.I.A. show!”

No one on the corner has paranoia like you, Maya.

Here’s some footage of the two shows. Is she right, or is she nuts? What do we think?

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