Juelz Santana says that longtime friend Lil Wayne will be executive producing his next album. Via Hip-Hop DX:

“I went out to Miami to chop it up with Wayne. I actually asked him to executive produce my album, Born to Lose, [Bult to Win],” said Juelz.

Juelz added that he could have signed with Cash Money/YMCMB outright, but opted not to.

“It’s big to me and it’s a beautiful thing but Wayne is like my brother. So I knew once I asked him to do it… I’m sure if I would have went to Cash Money I could have went to Cash Money/Young [Money]…but people look at me like a boss…so for me the best thing to do was to reach out to him and figure out how we can still make it the best thing possible. I figured asking him to executive produce my album would be a great thing he agreed to it so that’s going to be coming up after God willing.”

He didn’t mention if they talked about finishing I Can’t Feel My Face, their collaborative record that feels like it has been “in the works” since the dawn of time.

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