They’ve got 600,000 users, and nobody seems to have heard of them. Full story at the New York Times:

Muve, a phone-based music plan sold through Cricket Wireless, offers unlimited song downloads for $10 a month, tucked inconspicuously into a customer’s monthly cellphone bill, which ranges from $55 to $65. In many ways its users defy the conventional profile of a digital music consumer.

“Cricket’s customer is young, is ethnic, and tends to be middle and lower income,” said Jeff Toig, the senior vice president of Muve Music. “This is not a segment of the market that the major technology companies innovate for.”

From Billboard.biz, word of their impending domination:

Muve Music by Cricket Wireless has quietly become the second-biggest subscription service in the U.S. Soon, it will be the biggest in the country.

On Wednesday, prepaid mobile carrier Cricket announced its Muve Music subscription service will be included in all new Android plans—at no extra cost—starting September 2.

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