The crew at The Vulture obviously have too much time on their hands. If you need proof, here is their extensive analysis of Taylor Swift’s latest album, Red, in which they attempt to figure out who each song is written about, using Taylor’s secret capital letter code. (It’s usually Jake Gyllenhaal.) Via The Vulture (NY Mag):

Happy Taylor Swift Release Day! Have you already spent hours hunched overRed’s liner notes in an attempt to decode the messages hidden therein via Swift’s patented code: capital letters sprinkled throughout the lyrics of each song that spell out a clue? You are not alone in this guessing game. So, as is traditionwhenever Swift drops a new album, Vulture now presents our best guesses as to who, exactly, Taylor Swift is singing about on each and every one of her new songs. If your name is Jake Gyllenhaal, you might just want to close the tab right now.

1. “State of Grace”


One of the main characters on Red is an ex-boyfriend who just would not leave poor Taylor Swift alone (he’ll pop up again on “All Too Well,” “I Almost Do,” and, of course, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”). Now, several of Taylor’s ex-boyfriends could be drunk-texting her at all hours of the night proclaiming their undying love, but it is more fun to assume that she’s talking about the same guy. And that guy, according to the code and the lyrics “twin fire signs and four blue eyes,” would be Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake’s birthday? December 19. Taylor’s birthday? December 13. That makes them both Sagittariuses, which is, of course, one of the three fire signs (read your Susan Miller.)

Is anyone else kind of charmed by the fact that Taylor’s album comes with a puzzle?

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