Concerts seem to be getting more and more expensive every year, especially for all these big name acts. CD sales are down, so more money must be made from live shows and merchandising. Personally, if I’m going to go and listen to music, I’d rather go see a smokin’ hot local band play for 10 bucks, but sometimes these big name acts are often worth it just for the stage show.

Here are the top 10 most expensive, cash-grabbing concert tickets of 2008, according to average ticket prices from Ticketmaster:

1. Madonna : $378
2. Elton John : $306
3. The Eagles : $279
4. AC/DC : $263
5. Tina Turner : $263
6. Celine Dion : $240
7. Bruce Springsteen : $235
8. Coldplay : $217
9. Neil Diamond : $217
10. The Police : $216

These don’t include resold or scalped tickets. The award for the most expensive tickets ever sold would go to Led Zeppelin, whose tickets for their reunion tour were auctioned off for £83,000 ($164,929 USD) for a pair in 2007. Later, three more pairs of tickets to see Led Zepplin were auctioned off with a reserve price of £5,000 ($9,935 USD).

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