It was very, very surprising to learn that the first new music we’ll hear from Hollis since his solo album 14 years ago will be a track included in an upcoming episode of the TV show “Boss”. “Boss” airs Friday nights on the Starz channel, and stars Kelsey Grammer as a ruthless mayor of Chicago. (T.I. is also a member of the cast.) The September 21 episode will feature a new instrumental piece by Hollis called “ARB Section 1” that will play during the show’s final scene and closing credits.

Chatting with Pitchfork yesterday, Reitzell said, “Mark’s one of my heroes… I’ve tried to work with him many times before.” Over a decade ago, Reitzell and collaborators Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Justin Meldal-Johnsen (then both playing in Beck’s band) approached Hollis with an offer to make an album with him for free. Reitzell said that Hollis turned him down, saying he only made an album every seven years, and his solo album had been released in 1998.

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