Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Art commissioned Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo to write and score a short film for them. Palomo decided to team up with animator Johnny Woods, Neon Indian’s visuals guy, and created something called Outer Osmo Ghost Mode. Via Pitchfork:

According to Palomo, the film’s fictional plot centers on two online avatars, Elda and Dell Banner, created by a married couple whose “behaviors and interests were conditioned by years of web browsing.” The avatars exist in “a proto-virtual internet exploration program,” called “Osmo,” where users give their avatars “a ritual of activities that mirrors some idealized version of your life,” much like actual social media today, Palomo says. “Essentially, [the avatars] have become the digital ghosts of the Banners.”

We’re not quite sure what than means, but the film makes it’s debut on November 21. In the mean time, here’s a trailer for you to try and make sense of.

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