In his new biography Publikation, David Buckley looks at Kraftwerk’s influence on the upper echelon of pop and rock musicians. Via The Quietus:

Bowie, in effect, still used Kraftwerk as tour support. As the crowds entered the arenas – among them, in Detroit, on March 1, 1976, a 17-year-old Michigan girl called Madonna Louise Ciccone – selections from their latest record, Radio-Activity, were played at concert-level volume to accompany Luis Bunuel’s silent twenties classic film, Un Chien Andalou, which was projected on to a screen at the rear of the stage. The sight of a scalpel slicing through an eyeball, accompanied by the eerie new music from West Germany, provided exactly the right sort of feelings of dissociation in the audience before Bowie’s (literally and aesthetically) blinding performance.

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