A new Jimi Hendrix documentary is coming Nov. 5. The final piece in a year-long list of releases celebrating the 70th anniversary of the guitarist’s birth, it features never-before seen footage and interviews. Compiled by experienced Hendrix documentarian Bob Smeaton, it attempts to show a different side of the legend, while satisfying Smeaton’s need to create a truly unique piece on an often-discussed subject. He spoke about the challenge to the New York Times:

“In the past, I’ve interviewed mainly guys,” Mr. Smeaton said. “And with guys, it always comes down to, ‘He was a great guitar player, he looked good on stage, he died too young.’ And that’s all true. But the women offer a different take. They say ‘He was shy,’ or ‘He was gentle.’ The women bring an interesting insight, and maybe for once we know more about him.”

Mr. Smeaton added: “The other things that’s important, when you make a film like this, is that you try to get to the real musicality of the guy, rather than just ‘here we go again, another guitar solo.’ There’s a section where Eddie Kramer, his producer, is sitting at the mixing desk, playing each of the four guitar tracks on ‘Little Wing.’ Each part is different, and when you put them together, it’s orchestral. So you hear about Hendrix playing the guitar with his teeth, or behind his head. But he knew what he was doing. And that sometimes gets overshadowed by the crazy hair and the other stuff.”

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