So, Justin Timberlake made good on his marketing ploy countdown thing and released his new single, “Suit & Tie,” when the timer reached zero. The rumors were true, the Timbaland-produced single off of his forthcoming album, The 20/20 Experience (possibly an homage to new bifocals?), features Jay-Z. It’s sort of cool in a retro, groovy, somewhat safe, Adam-Levine-wished-he-made-it kind of way. Via Idolator:

“Suit & Tie” is a bubbly, retro groove, mixing dreamy ethereality with Timbaland‘s kineticism, as well as JT’s unmistakable falsetto. We can’t say it’s what we were expecting, although it’s been so long that we’re not really sure what we were expecting, but it certainly doesn’t scream “immediate game-changer” the way “SexyBack” did. But enough reading — listen to it here or below.

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