At times, it feels as though the members of New Order haven’t aged a day. Their presence live is stil electrifying, they maintain their youthful complexions and there’s still tons of bickering. Frontman Bernard Sumner and former bassist Peter Hook have been embroiled in a war of words over the past week or two, which began with Sumner. Via Spinner:

We’ve been on tour, 50 dates; none of us have had a bad word to say against each other. Everyone’s smiling, happy on stage. So why go back to a situation where he’s going to argue with us? I just hope he’s happy; let him get on with his life. We’re happier, without a doubt, is the bottom line.

Not only did Sumner state that the band was happier, he also claimed that it was relatively easy for Tom Chapman, Hook’s replacement.

How hard is it for Tom Chapman to step into Peter Hook’s shoes as your bassist?

Not that hard. He just goes on stage, has a good time, and plays bass really well. It was a bit daunting at first for all of us before that first gig in Belgium, because we didn’t know what sort of reaction we were going to get: “People might throw bottles at us.” But it hasn’t been like that, which is good… The touring party, which includes the management and the road crew, have all got jobs and [are] supported financially.

Hook bit back, boiling the whole argument down to Sumner’s ego. Via Billboard:

Finally, what do you make of Sumner’s claim that the band members are all much happier now than ever before?

I would imagine that most people who have been backstage after a New Order gig can make up their own minds about that particular statement. But if they are happier, then it must have been me (making them unhappy). I think probably the thing that Bernard is happiest about is that nobody says boo to a goose now, because the whole mantra used to be don’t upset Bernard. Well, now he’s got nobody to upset him. He’s got what he’s always wanted, which is a bass player who does what he’s told.

Yikes! We would say they should just work through it and reunite, but then love may tear them apart… again. (Sorry.) Speaking of, here’s a track from New Order’s surprisingly new album of old songs with the eerily prophetic title “I’ll Stay With You”:

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