Meet the Stones, for the umpteenth time!

Former SPIN editor Steve Kandell’s first piece for Buzzfeed, where he’s the editor of long-form (not dance- or sex-related), goes in on the Stones-approved, semi-hagiographic HBO documentary Crossfire Hurricane.

The decision to end the movie cold with the fireworks from Hal Ashby’s 1981 concert flick Let’s Spend the Night Together freezes band, and its story, in amber. No solo albums, no Dirty Work or A Bigger Bang, no ‘80s-vintage Mick vs. Keith acrimony, no anything. Which is fine for any fan who likes their ur-fable unsullied by thoughts of corporate sponsorships or largesse or spotty musical output or dwindling cultural relevance or Darryl Jones or crow’s-feet. These things make the story more complicated, and being complicated is clearly not on the agenda.

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