Nick Cave spoke to The A.V. Club about the new film Lawless – which he adapted from a novel as well as co-wrote the music for – and the, y’know, process.

The A.V. Club: Your relationship with director John Hillcoat goes back several years, but how did you come to adapt this book, Matt Bondurant’s The Wettest County In The World?

Nick Cave: I’ve had a relationship with John since we were 19 or something. I met him in Australia. It was a kind of a music/film scene where people all knew each other, and it came out of that in some way. But it was 10 years ago or something like that that we started working together [with 1988’s Ghosts… Of The Civil Dead]. Especially on film.

He also mentions that there’s likely to be another film soon:

I wrote another script for him, which looks like it’s going to get made. He said, “Can you write one about a traveling salesman working in England?” I said, “Yeah, I’ll do that.”

And, as perhaps you suspected, it’s a dye job:

AVC: Ah. Are you a clean man?

NC: The dyeing of the hair and the finicky nature of his clothing and all the rest of it. I won’t go into that any further.

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