Normally, promoters can be some of the most shameless people on the planet, having thousands of friends, but not knowing a single name. It’s all in the interest of having the biggest, most high-profile party around, but one group in Peckham is throwing all of that to the wind. No photos allowed. Via Resident Advisor:

What’s immediately striking about a Rhythm Section night is how loose everybody is. As the crowd—young, mostly students, a roughly even gender split—trickles in over the first few hours, dancers skip the self-conscious head-nodding stage and get straight down to business. You can genuinely throw moves here, nobody will judge. Other unusual, if not ground-breaking, features soon emerge: the broad music policy, ranging from funk, soul and disco, to house and eyes-down techno; the vinyl-only credos; the casual ban on taking photos. Set-times are non-existent, with DJs—be they guests or residents—playing several mini-sets each, or teaming up for extended back-to-back sessions. Above all, though, it’s the friendliness of it that gets you, the sense that everybody is there for the right reasons—namely, to enjoy the music and each other’s company.

The “I Never Got Into the Whole CD Revolution” mix by Bradley Zero on Mixcloud

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