Noel Gallagher has always been an asshole, but now, with middle age setting in, he’s slowly turning into a weird old curmudgeon. Here’s Gallagher talking about seeing Muse drummer Dominic Howard smoking an electronic cigarette at the Brit Awards. Via Gigwise:

Speaking to Time Out Dubai, Gallagher said, “There are no characters left in the music business. When we first started going there was a healthy percentage of people, and we were all dirt-kickers from council estates, and we all couldn’t believe our luck that we were at the Brits. You go in now and everybody is a careerist.

“It’s very corporate, and you know what I’ve actually seen people doing at the Brits? Eating. I saw the drummer from Muse smoking an electronic cigarette. A cigarette with a battery in. I had to say to him: ‘Really? Really? Is that where you are at? Do me a favour mate, either have a proper one outside, or don’t have one.’

“It lit up green when he had a drag of it. Nonsense. He said that immortal line – ‘Oh you know how it is mate’. And I said ‘I’m sorry mate, I actually don’t.’”

You know what else gets Noel upset these days? All those kids at the Brits afterparty with their hats and their smartphones.

It was an instantly forgettable night,” he continued. “There was nothing going on at the Brits, there was nothing going on at the aftershow parties. There seemed to be a lot of young people in hats, with iPhones. They’re either all involved in some massive video game that they’re all hooked up to, or they’re just texting each other saying ‘Where are you, what are you doing?’

That’s right, Noel. Because there were no hats when you were young. In the early 1990s. Jesus.

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