If you didn’t know world-renowned DJ and Producer Moby was a vegan, well, then you must’ve not been paying attention. From his preachy philosophies to the teetering humility of his MTV Cribs episode, Moby has never been one to refrain from promoting his way of life, but something is changing. After over two decades as a vegan, Moby now sees a future where his kind and carnivores can exist harmoniously. Via The New York Times:

“If we go back 25 years, there was a lot more intolerance in the vegan world,” Moby said. “There was a lot more militant us-and-them approach. And that, to a large extent, seems to have fallen by the wayside, both from a vegan perspective and from the non-vegan perspective. Vegans are perfectly happy now, for the most part, to hang out with people who don’t agree with them 100 percent And maybe one or two nights a week, carnivores seem pretty happy to go to a vegetarian restaurant.”

You can take a tour of Moby’s kitchen in the clip below. Oh, mom, look! He’s so soft-spoken!

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