Hypebot have posted an interesting read comparing all of the different music services and where they shine. If you find yourself searching for music on a regular basis, then some of these stats may not be that surprising. However, if you want to get your mind blown, check out the section on social media. Pandora has a huge following on Google Plus and other brands on focusing on building their presence on the fledgling social network as well. Guess it is relevant after all. Via Hypebot:

For me, the most exciting insight from this graph is just how exceptionally well Pandora are using Google Plus. It’s not common to see a brand with over 500,000 +1s on the relatively new social network – even Spotify (in second place) only have 24,000 +1s! What’s particularly interesting, though, is that Spotify have approximately 3x as many Twitter followers as Pandora, suggesting a slightly alternative focus between the platforms as to which social network to target.

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