The Newsroom star Olivia Munn channeled her inner Kanye West at last night’s People’s Choice Awards, refusing to hand Swift her Favourite Country Artist award and interrupting her as she tried to speak. Via Gigwise:

Swift won the category Favourite Country Artist but when it came to collecting the award, Munn refused to hand it over, causing Swift to jokingly comment, “This always happens!”

Munn responded, “And it will always happen. This is your lot in life.” A few moments later though she said, “No, I’m not going to be that person,” and gave Swift the award before leaving the stage.

Sadly, Munn did not wear a leather skirt, chug hard liquor from the bottle or make out with Kim Kardashian.

Also, we always forget how tall Taylor Swift is. She’s tall enough that could reasonably play shooting guard in the WNBA. (Apparently the only thing holding her back in a wonky jumpshot and questionable work ethic on defense.)

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