British boy band, One Direction, are huge fans of the Clash, or at least that’s what they’ll say to have everyone stop bugging them about stealing the band’s riffs. Via Associated Press:

If there’s anything controversial about the sound of their feel-good new single, it’s that the start of the song is similar to The Clash’s ‘‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go.’’

‘‘It’s a bit like the first single (“What Makes You Beautiful”) where the opening riff sounds similar to a certain film (“Summer Nights’’ from ‘‘Grease”),’’ explains Styles. ‘‘It’s kind of on purpose though, it’s a great riff.’’

The teeny boppers went on to expand on their major cop out. Via NME:

Meanwhile, his bandmate Louis Tomlinson said that it was inevitable that songwriters would pen tracks which sounded similar to older efforts, claiming: “I assume it must be quite difficult to do a unique riff now because there have been so many songs – surely there’s only so many riffs you can pull out?”

To their credit, they’re probably not encouraged to waste countless hours on creating original material. Why create something new when you can simply repackage the music for a new, uninformed generation?

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