Thirteen year-old girls are a little bit like piranhas. An individual piranha isn’t particularly scary, nor can it do a ton of harm. But a school of piranhas can eat an entire deer in three minutes, or whatever. (We’re not sure, we’re not as up on our piranha facts as we should be.) And more to the point, you never see a lone piranha.

Similarly, 13 year-old girls run in packs, and groups of them tend to be excitable and potentially dangerous. Which is why we tend to stay the hell away from anything related to One Direction.

In a prime example of this, One Direction’s new single, a mash up of “One Way Or Another” and “Teenage Kicks,” was leaked online today. The single was meant to be a charity release to benefit Comic Relief, which funds anti-poverty projects.

One Direction fans have responded to the leak by viciously turning on each other. Via The Daily Mirror:

One tweeter posted: “Cannot believe someone has leaked One Direction’s charity single for Comic Relief, the whole point in it is to raise money…”

Another added: “How it was leaked I don’t know. And its okay to listen. But please!! Go and buy it!! This is for charity! The boys will be so disappointed!”

Someone else posted: “Do not illegally download One Way or Another! It’s a CHARITY single, make sure your money goes to a good cause, not someone’s back pocket!”

And another fan was a little more extreme, telling fans that listened to the track: “I’M PRETTY SURE YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL.”

Honestly, Directioners – that’s what they’re called, apparently – make Beliebers look laid back in comparison.

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