Let’s see if we have any severe conflicts this year… SF Weekly:

Scheduling a festival like Outside Lands is never easy—there’s always going to be some fans who want to see two acts that happen to be playing at the same time. But judging by the set times released today, festival organizers have done a pretty decent job of minimizing the conflicts. As we wrote when the daily lineups came out, there’s a lot to be happy about. There are a few things to be bummed about, too. Let’s go through three main points of conflict and see how this year’s schedule turned out:

The Headliners
Friday: Neil Young vs. Justice
Saturday: Metallica vs. Sigur Ros
Sunday: Stevie Wonder vs. Skrillex
Clearly organizers made a bet that older, classic artists like Young and Wonder would draw a different crowd than the younger EDM artists like Justice and Skrillex. And they’re probably right. Plus, anyone who wants a dose of wub-wub-wub can catch an hour of Wonder before Skrillex even goes on. The worst conflict here in our view is Metallica vs. Sigur Ros—both epic bands that are sure to bring a hefty dose of majesty to the Saturday night proceedings, albeit in very different ways.

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