Continuing his minor feud with Justin Bieber and his legion of frothing-at-the-mouth fans, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys changed his Twitter handle to what else? Justin Bieber. Swarms of Beliebers started attacking Carney with increasingly hateful tweets, but Carney just responded in character, further twisting the knife. Via “Digital Spy“:

He then proceeded to spend several hours responding to some of their messages, goading them in the process.

One fan wrote: “Grow the f**k up. you’re just showing how embarrassed you are to be part of what you are today. (sic)” He replied: “True fact.”

Another said: “Your looking like a obsessed idiot who’s pressed that at 18 justin is more famous than you’ll ever be.” He wrote back: “U seem kewl.”

Via Gawker:

Carney eventually went back to being his own three-Grammy-winning self, but he is still retweeting priceless reactions from the Bieber Crusaders.

For instance: “How could you hate on justin for not getting a Grammy while your sitting there like a faggot ass playing cheap ass drums like bye.”

Let’s all pray that all of the Beliebers continue to attack Carney while completely missing the point that they are only adding gasoline to a very bright Twitter inferno.

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