Tiny Mix Tapes:

…now a decaying version of The Beatles have reunited to not only hold your hand, but to eat it too in the forthcoming film, Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion….The movie is based on Alan Goldsher’s illustrated novel, Paul is Undead, which will be published June 22. In this gripping, comedy/horror-filled tome, John Lennon, a zombie since infancy, kills Paul, who proves to be a better friend and songwriter undead than alive. Joined by George and Ringo (who isn’t a zombie, but a ninja), they feast on the brains of fans, sweeping across the world in a zombie-rock pandemonium. In this alternate universe, Mick Jagger, who doesn’t actually have sympathy for ghouls, is the pride of England in terms of zombie hunting and gives the four a real reason to run. (Now, imagine A Hard Day’s Night, with John and Paul — arms dangling, jaws detaching — shuffling away from Mick Jagger, leading that iconic stampede of screaming girls.) Check out Goldsher’s website for more plot details.

Double Feature, which produced Pulp Fiction and Erin Brockovich, purchased the rights to Goldsher’s book.

Alan Goldsher’s Blog:

Are readers ready for a world in which the Beatles just wanna eat your brains? Goldsher (Hard Bop Academy) thinks so, and he may be right. In this humor-filled splatterfest, the rise and fall of the zombie Beatles unfolds through eyewitness accounts, newspaper clippings, and interviews. Violence and music go hand-in-hand as the zombiefied Lennon, Harrison, and McCartney fight, eat, and rock their way to fame and popularity while ninja lord Ringo Starr tries to keep them out of trouble. Nothing can stop them—not even a vampiric Pete Best, zombie-killing Mick Jagger, rival ninja Yoko Ono, or bad reviews. In fact, their only enemies may be one another, as personal conflicts threaten to break them up for good. Roughly paralleling the real-world career of the Beatles, this alternate history reimagines successes, failures, and rivalries with over-the-top bizarro charm.

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