While it has been known that Pearl Jam are no longer under contract after 18 years of recording for Sony-affiliated labels, there has been only speculation about who would release their next album and how. Kelly Curtis, who has managed Pearl Jam since day one, conducted a wide-ranging interview with Billboard on Sunday night, confirming that the band’s next release – rumored to be called “Backspacer” and currently scheduled for an early fall release – would come without a U.S. label, but a consortium of partners, including Target as the “big box” retail partner.

UPDATE: Three Imaginary Girls:

I just got home from the Showbox at the Market where I just saw Pearl Jam debut a new song being filmed by Cameron Crowe (yes, the Say Anything/Fast Times at Ridgemont High/Singles/Almost Famous/etc. Cameron Crowe). WTF?

I had received an e-mail about being an extra for a filmed “rock concert”, where we were warned that we’d be pretty happy about the band, and we’d be well compensated. I figured it had to be someone awful, like a recently reunited Christian rock band that I will not even waste my time mentioning. We were instructed to arrive at the Showbox at the Market in staggered check in times from 2–3pm (though lines were so long, it ran several hours after that). We filled out forms. Our pictures were taken. Rumors were flying, and the guy in line next to me told me he thought the bands initials were “P and J”. I figured it had to be a joke.

No joke. After 5 hours of waiting around and being fed and meeting new folks, we were finally told it was Pearl Jam (and that it was sponsored by a very large NOT LOCAL corporation – I’m almost positive I did NOT sign a nondisclosure form). Another hour of milling about and we’re finally let in to be hearded around a bit more, and then out they come, our local boys, for their first live performance in quite some time, to debut a brand new song in a video directed by Mr. Cameron Crowe.

At first I was sort of upset. Why had this not been a fan club event? Why were there all these people who really didn’t care that it was Pearl Jam, just some famous band that they’d heard of, when I knew dozens of hardcore Ten Clubbers who would have done anything to be at that event? Why was this experience being wasted on me, someone who hasn’t really been a diehard Pearl Jam fan in over a decade? Cell phones were banned, so I couldn’t call any of my friends to beg them to come down and try and get in. So I just stood there, and listened to the new song (a sing along blazing rocker about how we can beat the bad economy/hard times by fighting for what we love – it’s going to be their biggest hit in at least a decade) played about 10 times.

And then it hit me – over 300 random Washingtonians, many of whom were probably out of work, made a decent sum of money to watch the biggest still existing band from Seattle play a brand new song for the first time (the rest of you will have to wait until they’re on Conan on Monday).

They closed the evening with two songs – The Dead Boys “Sonic Reducer” (sounded amazing), and a slower jam that I didn’t quite recognize. All in all one of the more surreal experiences I’ve ever had. I wish I could have shared it with all of you.

Oops! It looks like the article you’re seeking really is imaginary!

UPDATE: Antiquiet:

However, we’ve confirmed through multiple, somewhat reliable sources that Pearl Jam’s new album, due out this fall, will in fact be retailed exclusively by Target. And if the rest of the story is true, It wouldn’t be anything new for Crowe; big-time directors direct uncredited TV spots more often than most people are aware. Since 2002, Crowe has been no exception, beginning with an ad for the Gap, starring Kate Beckinsale and Orlando Bloom.

Before you freak out, we’re told that the deal with Target only applies to retail, and allows for the still label-free Pearl Jam to continue to sell this album on their own and through their fan club, as usual.-

UPDATE: New song is called “The Fixer.” Pearl Jam will play it Monday night on Conan.


Pearl Jam took over the legendary Showbox theater in Seattle earlier this week to film what’s being called a commercial for Target- a strange development, considering the band’s vehement refusal to align with major brands in the past, but one we’ll set aside for the moment, because… well, because we’ve got a new Pearl Jam song for you, and around these parts, that trumps just about everything on the table, sight unseen.

According to our source, about 300 extras were hired to be in the crowd for the taping, a large number of whom were reportedly laid-off workers from the area- a very cool bit of info, given that the band could’ve filled the Showbox to capacity with hysterically enthusiastic fans with a mere Twitter posting or message board hint.

According to Talia:

This is a crazy story, but apparently Pearl Jam played a brand new song last night at the Showbox in Seattle to 300 people who arrived under the guise of being extras in a commercial! That commercial, which was for Target, turned out to be directed by Cameron Crowe, and starring Pearl Jam.

Ok, Ok. I have decided to delete this post. It was removed from the place it originally appeared so I’ll follow suit and do the same. Ya can’t blame a girl for being excited about Pearl Jam, can you?



At 9:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…
Um, you know you signed a non-disclosure agreement, right? You probably should take this down before you get your ass sued.

At 9:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…
sorry – not “you” but the other person – she’s going to lose her check for this. bummer.

At 9:30 PM , Blogger Talia said…
I make no representations as to the veracity of this story. It was posted on a public message board, then forwarded to me through the rumor mill.

At this point, it is leaked info and press worthy at that.

At 11:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…
please take this off, it is hurting others who were there.

At 11:42 PM , Blogger Talia said…
I really don’t understand how the post was “hurting” anyone but I took it down nonetheless.

At 11:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…
Thank you! How rare it is that someone is so kind.

At 11:59 PM , Blogger Talia said…
I’m not a jerk. Just an over zealous Pearl Jam fan!

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filmed by Cameron Crowe for an upcoming Target commercial (I kid you not)

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