Hopscotching on the Simon Reynolds piece we posted about earlier, Carles/Hipster Runoff has written an INDIE SMACKDOWN saying we’re all trapped and what’s the point and even organic rooftop gardens are pointless now.

Maybe it is time for indie ass losers to just go and die, listening to the same overhyped artist from ‘the prime years of indie’ until we all die. We’ll just keep buying ________ (tenured indie band) albums until we’re dead, growing old alongside our favorite artist that connect us to the cognitive prime of our youth even though their music already sounds old and dated.

And on recreativity in the music media:

The demand for ‘innovative’ content has formed a buzz bubble. Chillwave and sponsored-content-wave artists were the main beneficiary of this bubble (post2k.5–2k11), but now, so many bands are getting a taste of alleged buzz ‘before they are ready’/before it even means anything in a legitimate context. The buzz machine is broken because there is no trusted, fail proof mechanism to create pure buzz.

Which, come to think of it, dovetails quite nicely with our interview today with New York Times pop music critic/journalist Jon Caramanica about the nature of coverage in today’s music press. We’re all doomed.

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