Sure, the RIAA may not ever get things completely right when it comes to EDM, but as far as Philip Sherburne is concerned the 55th annual Grammys got it as close as they possibly could when they gave Skrillex his rightful dues. Via SPIN:

Let’s just compare his competitors in the Best Dance Recording category. Avicii’s a one-hit wonder whose “Levels” has long overstayed its welcome. Calvin Harris knows his way around a hook, but his Ne-Yo-fronted “Let’s Go” really should have been nominated in a pop category. Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” combines bombast and bathos in a way that exemplifies the very worst of Vegas-style EDM and pop, their devil’s handshake creating a pernicious byproduct in the way that cocaine and alcohol combine in the bloodstream to manufacture a distinct super-toxin. From their fingers-in-the-air poses to their interminable “farewell tour” — seriously, aren’t they done yet? — no artist better exemplifies the self-important hubris of big-ticket EDM these days.

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