So, here’s an odd one for you. Ray Cappo – formerly the angriest young man in a group of angry young men known as the Youth Crew and vocalist for bands like Youth of Today, Shelter and Better Than a Thousand – is now a yogi named Raghunath.

Now, this shouldn’t be completely shocking, as Cappo has been associated with the Krishna movement for two decades, but what is somewhat surprising is that as a yogi, he’s world class. People travel from around the world to take classes with him. He’s that good. (Please politely ignore the fact that he’s called a former “heavy metal rocker” on more than one occasion in the article, it’s still very good.) Via New York Times

The assembled responded with pumping one-arm salutes and staccato head jerks. Few questioned in the crowd knew that the heavy metal rocker on stage had left the Lower East Side in the late ’80s, spending six years as a celibate monk, changing his name to Raghunath and becoming famous within the yoga world for classes featuring crazy inversions, variation upon variation of headstands, arm stands, handstands: a playbook of anti-gravity poses.

Raghunath left rock in a search for a personal true north, he said in an interview. “The pleasure of fame at a young age was not what it was supposed to be,” he recalled, quickly adding that the band was not Led Zeppelin. “And it was juxtaposed with the sudden death of my father. Any idea of shelter or safety in a material world was getting dismantled.”

Ray of Today, he’s still changing lives.

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