photo via Curling Zone

Nickelback’s Facebook:

“We never take anything for granted,” says Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger.

Since the inception of Pickle v. Nickelback there have, of course, been imitators. Here are some notables.

The Hobo is beating The Troll in the war against the Les Freres Jonas:

Miley Cyrus has some poor sap with a bad party pic after her:

Justin Bieber has an onion ring harassing him (the creators of the Nickel Pickle cite this campaign as their inspiration!). Will it win? No, he is unstoppable.

This all begs the question (with an exception to Nickelback): is it even worth going through the minimal effort of starting a Facebook page to “pick” on these people? Apparently so. The various pages started to make fun of this trend/meme/fad/skort aren’t even in the same ballpark fan-wise, plus that’s partially why these stars are there: to revile, envy, and schadenfreude all over when the pickle wins.

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