Way back in the ’90s, before the term EDM even existed, DJ Jason Bentley’s show Metropolis brought the sounds of the growing rave scene to LA airwaves on KCRW. The show ran from 1992 until 2008, when Bentley started hosting Morning Becomes Eclectic. Now, he’s decided to bring Metropolis back. Via LA Weekly:

“People tell me all the time that they loved it,” Bentley, KCRW’s music director, says of Metropolis. “A lot of people have commented over the years how much that show meant to them, and that stayed in my mind.”
Bentley’s electronic music roots run deep, and Metropolis helped introduce the sound to Los Angeles and the country at large.

The program’s return was precipitated by KCRW General Manager Jennifer Ferro’s desire to demonstrate the station’s commitment to the genre, which has become resurgent in recent years.

Bentley will continue to host Morning Becomes Eclectic, as well.

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