Editor’s Note: This review contains a list of the various names that have been used to describe the music of SALEM and/or other similar artists, among them “drag” and “witch house.” It originally also listed “rape gaze”, a term coined by Michigan band CREEP, as formerly listed on their MySpace and reported in the New York Press. The band today disowned the phrase and will no longer be using it, expressing to The Village Voice, they “would never want to advocate sexual violence against any human being. It was a play on words which we never expected to be used as an actual genre.”

Hipster Runoff:

Seems like ‘rape gaze’ has a huge opportunity to become the next chillwave, since it is way more hardcore than the term ‘witch house’. Unfortunately, Pitchfork ‘retracted’ the use of RAPE GAZE in their review, and totes backpedaled, even though the name is hella sweet.

Damn. Mad Rape Gaze.
Seems scary.
Afraid of this dark world…

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