The new column will cover music, technology and identity in the 21st century. Via Pitchfork:

But that July I approached Facebook with trepidation, because there seemed to be something weird and vain and uncomfortably false about describing who I was within the confines of a social media profile. I got excited, though, browsing my school’s network of incoming freshmen and seeing how many of them liked the kind of music I liked. (At this point, to get on Facebook you needed an .edu address, which meant no dads, no stalkers, and best of all, no high school students.) As I checked out other people’s profiles, I observed an unspoken, enduring rule about listing your musical interests on the internet: curate, don’t index. Paint a picture of yourself in sparse, broad strokes. Listing one or two guilty pleasures makes you seem approachable; more than that makes it seem like you have bad taste. Do not be that person who lists every artist on their iPod in alphabetical order under “Favorite Music;” err on the side of omission and mystery. I took note.

Should be a nice addition.

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