PItchfork founder Ryan Schreiber spoke with Mediabistro about founding and running his empire.

On the day-to-day:

Besides the core, full-time staff at Pitchfork, there’s also a whole extended family of contributors as well, and they also kind of suggest things. They’ll pitch track reviews and things like that, or album reviews. So, for me and Mark Richardson, who’s editor-in-chief, and our entire editorial team, pretty much 99 percent of our days are spent listening to and discussing music. So it really comes down to that. It’s something that you live and breathe and it’s what we’re super passionate about, so it’s just a matter of staying current and loving what you do.

Trying to be a “music writer:”

... be willing to put in the work for a long period of time for just the love of it. Today, more so than any other time, it seems really difficult to make a living in the media, especially in the music media. It’s just so crowded, and at this point the publications that are really able to establish themselves are the ones that are the most passionate and the most relatable.


I think if you’re going to be able to do a print publication that works in 2013, it has to really take advantage of that format, and the things that that format offers that are much more difficult to execute on the Web are having really expansive, beautiful layouts for your articles and features and making it feel like a desirable object. So, I think publications like Fader and Wax Poetics potentially could sustain, because they look great and the writing is really good.

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