P.O.S. isn’t your typical rapper. Not only does he live in a commune-type situation with nine other people, the Minneapolis-based MC is also stridently anti-materialism, and believes that people aren’t happy because they’re too focused on money and acquisition. Via MTV Hive:

In fact, Alexander and his rap crew Doomtree have passed on multiple major label and reality TV offers, preferring to not let anyone dilute their punk-derived, hip-hop-delivered mixture of inward-looking rhymes and neck-snapping aggression. Which is not to say that P.O.S. is too serious to have fun. The “Stuff” video makes a good visual argument that defining your value system for yourself is as exciting as an out of control bonfire, and his fourth solo album We Don’t Even Live Here is his most percussively inventive chant-along yet. A few days before the release of his new album, Alexander announced that he had a to cancel his tour and undergo intensive dialysis in preparation for receiving a new kidney. (Easy going as ever, Alexander insists that his kidneys have been garbage since he was a teenager.) Before the announcement, MTV Hive talked with about him fighting to stay happy and repping for a overlooked scene.

He added that, as long as he doesn’t have to work a 9–5 job, he considers himself successful. He’s not wrong.

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