Update: The machine has been sold! It looked like this:

eBay user ‘rowche-rumble’ posted an absolutely one-of-a-kind auction last week: a belt exercise/massage machine delivered to them by Shellac, paid for with one of these:

He/she goes on to explain…

I received this wonderful item directly from Shellac of North America. There were 10 copies of the LP vinyl record Shellac At Action Park that included “One Shellac Dollar” – I got #6. I bought it at Criminal Records in Atlanta on the day of release – October 24, 1994. I mailed the “Shellac Dollar” to the specified address in Evanston, IL immediately… and waited for a reply. I received a letter from Bob Weston of “Shellac of North America” in late February, 1995…

So I waited… and waited.. and waited some more… in the fall of 1995, I came home to find a small shipping pallet containing this exercise machine on my front porch.

What may be the world’s only existing Shellac-brand belt exercise machine, all but guaranteed to have never been used, can be yours for the very reasonable price of $160.00, plus $162.50 shipping… so maybe you live in Georgia?

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