Azealia Banks has had to scrap her next planned single, “Esta Noche,” after its producer, Munchi, accused her of using it on her most recent mixtape, Fantasea, without his permission. In typical 2012 fashion, the entire dispute was aired out live via Twitter. Via Pitchfork:

Everyone who wanna download the track – it is already out. She stole my track on her mixtape Fantasea without permission.

Bitch trying to buy me off after trying to blame me on this shit, fuck outta here. “25.000 and a public apology” GTFO with this bitchshit.

Industry thinks its alright to be like this and fuck people over. Everyone takes it in the ass and take their apology money. Fuck off.

Banks responded in kind…

@originalmunchi I suggest you shut the fuck up… Seriously.

Munchi has since released a more in-depth, non-140 word explaniation of the situation via Complex.

Matter of fact – everything was done backwards, instead of having the decency to contact me about it first, they did everything they had to do and contacted me last. 

Expecting that I would go for the money right away – the way of the industry. Even when all of the things were said on Twitter by Azealia, the label was doing everything to solve the situation – it was too late to solve though.

I have been extremely patient and willing to solve this problem over time, but there is a limit. If she wants to be a spoiled brat about it, don’t be surprised if I will get difficult towards her as well.

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